Intelligent Customer Experiences

AI driven App based Que Management System

App based Token Generation and Que Management

Simplify Walkin customer management with App based, AI driven Que Management Solution. Simple and easy to on board your service partners, no external hardware required, works on Android phones/tablet

How it Works

Customizable workflows to map to your Business process and match customer experiences.

  • Customer Walks in takes token through the kiosk app at the center , gets an SMS with token number and ETA
  • AI based allocation engine, allocates customer to counter based on multiple criteria
  • Customer is notified on counter allocation on TV, voice over & SMS
  • Customer goes to the allocated counter, completes service & receives link for feedback with customized questions
  • Alerts to stakeholders on SLA non compliance (long token handling, breached waiting times, no token generations, No counter availability etc)

Deep Analytics, SLA Alerts and Custom Feedback

Intuitive and Deep analytics designed to ensure your meet every KPI. Alerts and notifications to ensure you take action before your customer lets you know.

Targeted feedback collection based on customer activity at the center. Get to know how your service partner is performing at this critical customer touch point. Ensure you know the issue first and respond before the world knows through social media

Engage Customers through multiple channels

Provide consistent customer experience through all engagement channels of walk in, app, online and or center. Customers can view your center Que status online and book or enable your call centers to help find customers the nearest center and generate a token for them

Great benefits to all stake holders

Ensuring all round benefits from customers to brands, your ROI starts coming in with in a matter a of months. Customer satisfaction improvements and productivity are a bonus

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Secure, Easy to use, Affordable and comes with great customer service

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